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Are you looking for an inspiring leadership keynoter who will energize your audience and leave them with proven, real-world, no-nonsense takeaways? Hire Urs and consider it done!

“Energizing, insightful,” “no BS,” “real-life take-aways” – these are just a few voices from the audience of Urs’ speeches.

Competitor, commander, and coach, Urs brings all the ingredients that you look for in an inspiring keynote speaker: energy, interaction, highly relevant content, no-nonsense pragmatism, and rich lessons your audience can carry away.

With plenty of engaging personal-leadership stories, Urs commands and holds the attention of your audience, producing lasting transformation in how they lead in business and in life.

Urs’ goal for every single program is to make YOU look like a hero for bringing him in to speak. He is only satisfied when, at the end of the presentation, you are showered with kudos for your choice of speaker.

“Urs made it personal and kept the energy very high. He is a delight to work with”

Karen Thornton, Meeting planner

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Humility often gets a bad rap because it is associated with weakness or being “soft” and as a result is resisted by a lot of leaders. Leaders often think of being humble as lacking confidence, ambition, and assertiveness.

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