Posted on February 18, 2019 at 12:43 pm

Quit Overdoing Your Strengths

I think I am a quite successful person. My professional, academic, athletic, and personal achievements make me proud.

In the 40+ years of working to obtain my achievements, I have exhibited particular strengths:
– Determination
– Focus
– Discipline
– Task-centered orientation

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Posted on at 12:37 pm

How to Promote Success in Business (and Your Family)

Do you want your company’s staff (and your children) to be highly successful?

Bet your answer is “Yes, of course!”

Who knew it was actually so easy 🙂 Simply instill these traits in your employees and children:

1. A Complex of Superiority: Make them believe they are exceptional.
2. Insecurity: Help them see that what they do is inadequate.
3. Impulse Control: Help them learn to not seek instant gratification.

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Posted on at 12:28 pm

How to Lead a Productive Meeting

An important aspect of my leadership training is watching my clients interact at meetings they lead. This practice is a very effective technique for coaching, and allows me to provide my clients with quick feedback.

In watching my clients’ meetings, I am exposed to an array of meeting styles. I am often surprised by how ineffectively and inadequately their meetings are managed (yes, even some my clients can run bad meetings..). It’s not surprising that our people make complaints about meetings: they’re monotonous, the boss continuously drones, nothing is accomplished, etc.

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