“As facilitator, I ensure your team is tackling the hard issues by having the tough conversations, and that you are walking away with an actionable plan of attack.”

Urs Koenig

Profit and Non-Profit Business Executive Meeting Facilitator

If you are a CEO, VP, Director, or Manager, you may experience some of the following challenges with your teams:

  • Lack of a clear, agreed-upon vision for the future
  • Team talking in circles and leaving meetings with no clear action plan
  • Everyone moving in different directions
  • Communication silos
  • Difficult topics being avoided in meetings

With Urs at the helm of your strategic meeting, you will build your team into one cohesive unit. Your team will have fun while tackling the hardest of issues and achieving measurable results.

Urs will guide your management meeting so you don’t have to, allowing you to fully engage and participate in the discussions and decisions.

Urs is a highly experienced and skilled facilitator. Over the last 20 years, he has facilitated 200+ strategic planning retreats and high-level team meetings. His thorough process includes in-depth pre-meeting interviews and comprehensive research. This ensures Urs has an excellent handle on your business and the dynamics of your team while providing a valuable “outside, big picture” perspective.

Top 5 reasons to have Urs facilitate your next business meeting or workshop:

  1. You want a professional, productive meeting with tangible takeaways and clearly defined next steps
  2. You seek a culture of open and constructive discussion
  3. You want contributions from all participants, not just the assertive ones
  4. You need to identify and resolve the “elephants in the room”
  5. You’d like your team to see a situation in a different way and translate that insight into concrete action

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