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“Strength comes not from winning easy battles but from losing hard-fought ones.”

Urs Koenig, after being hospitalized during solo Race Across America

Keynote Speaking

Selecting the right speaker for your event is an important and challenging job. To really nail it–and get you the kudos you deserve–your speaker should:

  1. Create buzz, excitement, and interaction with your audience;
  2. Provide your audience with highly relevant and customized content, new insights, and tangible, no BS, leadership takeaways; and
  3. Energize your people to take action back in the office.

Urs delivers on all three!

Drawing on his experience as an ultra-endurance athlete, commander of NATO military peacekeepers, and executive coach with more than 20 years’ in leadership development, Urs makes a compelling case: leadership principles from extreme ultra competition and highly volatile peacekeeping operations also apply to today’s turbulent and uber-competitive world of business. And they are not what you expect!

Each of Urs’ programs is packed with stories of struggle and triumph – from healing war zones to crossing hard-fought finish lines – making his leadership lessons come alive and transforming how audiences lead in business and in life. His stories inspire a new approach to leadership, helping attendees answer the question: What should I do differently on Monday morning?

“Urs made it personal and kept the energy very high. He is a delight to work with”

Karen Thornton, Meeting planner

Urs Koenig Speaker Reel

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