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“Strength comes not from winning easy battles but from losing hard-fought ones.”

Urs Koenig, after being hospitalized during solo Race Across America

Keynote Speaking

You are looking for a speaker who:

  1. Provides your audience with valuable content, new insights and tangible, no BS-leadership takeaways; and
  2. Energizes your people to take action when back in the office.

Urs delivers on both!

Drawing on his experience as an ultra-endurance athlete, commander of NATO military peacekeepers, and coach with more than 20 years in leadership development, Urs makes a compelling case: leadership principles from extreme ultra competition and highly volatile military peacekeeping operations also apply to today’s turbulent and uber-competitive world of business.

Hear how stories of struggle and triumph – from healing war zones to hard-fought finish lines – make Urs’ leadership lessons come alive, transforming how audiences lead in business and in life. He offers tangible leadership lessons for audience members, helping them to answer the question: What should I do differently on Monday morning?

Keynote Speaking


Urs’ speeches are always highly personal with a strong bias towards delivering hands-on, tangible takeaways for your audience.

  • Extreme Leadership for high-performing teams: Lessons from ultra-endurance competition and military peacekeeping
  • Take it Personally: Helping good leaders become great
  • Leading with Story: How to engage and inspire your people with storytelling
  • Bounce back…higher: How to come back stronger from adversity
Urs Koenig


All topics can be presented as a 20 – 60 minute keynote speech or a 90 – 180 minute hands-on workshop, or a combination. Each presentation is individually designed to meet the specific requirements of your audience.

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