Meeting Professionals

“Every one of my speeches offers tangible leadership takeaways for audience members, helping them to answer the question: What should I do differently on Monday morning?”

Urs Koenig

Meeting Professionals

Before Booking Urs

Urs Koenig

A service mindset: Urs understands that a successful speech is all about serving the needs of the audience. He will go out of his way to understand your audience and deliver on their needs while meeting your goals.

Authenticity: Urs’ speeches are deeply personal. His personal stories of struggle and triumph from healing war zones to hard-fought finish lines make his leadership take-aways credible and alive.

Connection: Urs genuinely cares about the members of your audience – and they feel it! He will make a meaningful connection with your audience before, during, and after his speech.

Insights: Every speech Urs delivers leaves the audience with numerous ‘aha-moments’ and new and different ways of looking at their leadership challenges. Your audience leaves with new and valuable content, action steps to implement, and enthusiasm to get going!

Action: Every speech offers tangible leadership takeaways for audience members, helping them to answer the question: What should I do differently on Monday morning?

Energy: Urs is a passionate, enthusiastic and energetic speaker who engages your audience and inspires them to take action, transforming how they lead in business and in life.

Still ‘out there,’ delivering: Speaking at this level requires endurance and flexibility, so Urs keeps ‘training.’ He continues to serve in military peacekeeping missions and compete in ultra-endurance events. He continually incorporates his new experiences and learnings into his speeches to keep things fresh and exciting.

What military peacekeeping taught me about humility

Urs Peacekeeping Learnings

Urs Koenig Near Death Experience

Some of Urs’ clients include:

  • Expedia
  • Starbucks
  • Equity Office
  • Recology
  • Vistage International
  • Outdoor Research
  • CA Technologies
  • Seattle University
  • U.S. Association for Talent Development
  • International Franchise Organization
  • U.S. Small Business Association
  • Professional Compounding Centers of America
  • Port Blakely Companies
  • Silver Bay Seafoods
  • Washington State Bankers Association
  • Bank of the Pacific
  • Allen Institute of Brain Science
  • Kitsap Bank
  • Kitsap Business Association
  • 42 Inc
  • AeroGo
  • McHale Associates
  • University Mechanical Contractor
  • Merriman Inc

“Urs challenged participants to stretch themselves. The group left the meeting energized, full of enthusiasm and with a clear path on how to take the company to the next level. Thanks to Urs, the event exceeded my expectations!”

Priscilla Armstrong, Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Silverbay Seafoods

“Urs’ style is authentic, engaging, and energizing, and the tools he provided in a short time were useful and meaningful. I highly recommend Urs if you are looking for someone who is fresh in his approach. He was the highest rated presenter we had all year!”

Shannon Bruce, Group Chair Excell Puget Sound

“Urs made it personal for those attending and kept the energy high. He is a delight to work with.”

Karen Thornton, Board Member U.S Society for Talent Development

“Urs is a very engaging and inspiring public speaker.”

Earl Bell, Keynote Speaker, past president of NW chapter of National Speakers Association (NSA)

“On a scale of 1-5 (5 being outstanding), Urs garnered nothing but 4’s and 5’s. Our members commended me for a great useful program (which of course means Urs did a great job) and would like us to have Urs present on another topic.”

David Shapiro, Owner Excell Puget Sound

“Urs’ sports analogies are extremely helpful in ‘connecting’ with the audience. His audience ratings are among the very highest of any of our speakers. Urs is unquestionably one of the best!”

Jerry Zyskowski, Small Business Association, Seattle Chapter

“Urs is a great example of someone who walks the talk, his enthusiasm is contagious.”

Julie Harrington, Director Client Services, Business Resource Services, Seattle

“Urs is not only a master-class leadership consultant, passionate about helping leaders achieve breakthrough personal insights, but he also “walks his talk” and leads by example (…). Humble, wise, and highly effective at what he does, I highly recommend Urs!”

Matt Youngquist, Career Coach, Corporate Outplacement Consultant

“I have engaged Urs to present a couple of keynote messages to a group of my clients. His message was on target and very well received by the audience. I would recommend Urs as a speaker to any group of business owners who would benefit from hearing best practices in the management of their businesses.”

Bill LeTendre, Vice President Compounding Centers of America

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After Booking Urs

  1. Urs will be in touch for finalizing the date and location. After you make your 50 percent deposit, the date is officially yours!
  2. Urs will then schedule a call with you during which he will be asking you questions about your audience’s specific needs. He will also ask you for three people in the audience he could speak to before the event. This will help Urs to customize his presentation. He will then get to work learning as much as he can about your group.
  3. A few weeks before your event, Urs will confirm all the travel logistics, cell phone numbers, hotel information, etc. and answer any of your last-minute questions.

The following requirements (okay…requests) will help ensure that your participants enjoy the best possible presentation.

Please do read and follow the requests below. Urs strongly believes that clarity benefits everyone!


  • A/V table on stage with laptop, visible clock, and water. Urs must be able to see his laptop during the presentation.
  • No podium or lectern. Please have it removed or placed to the side of the stage.
  • If at all possible, please arrange seats in a semi-circular pattern, as audiences tend to respond better when they can see each other.
  • Ideally, the distance from the stage to the first row of seats/tables should be no more than 10 feet.
  • If possible, the screen should be placed to the right side of the stage, from the audience’s perspective. This puts your speaker at the center of the program, rather than the graphics.
  • Stage riser: the ideal height is 6″-12″ for audiences of up to 200 people; 12″-24″ for audiences greater than 200. Please allow enough staging area for Urs to move around and bring audience members onto the stage.


  • Wireless lavaliere microphone for any group larger than 40 people.
  • Urs is prepared to use his own laptop or your AV team’s equipment. If using his laptop, he will need a power supply and an audio out cable.
  • Urs uses a wireless slide advancer and is happy to use his own or your AV team’s equipment.

To ensure your audience get the best possible performance, Urs would like to complete a technical check at least 2 hours before the presentation. This typically takes 15 minutes.

Please use only the below introduction for introducing Urs as the speaker:

“Our speaker is here to help us answer the question, What should I do differently on Monday morning?

You and I know, being an effective leader isn’t easy. It takes endurance, self-discipline, the vision to see the broader picture as well as the way ahead, and the ability to communicate that vision to others.

Our speaker today has self-discipline. At 50, he took a hiatus from the successful business he had built to become a commander of military peace keepers. He joined the NATO forces tasked with keeping the peace in former Yugoslavia.

He has endurance. As an athlete, he has finished and won some of the longest, hardest ultra-endurance races on the planet, including the 3000-mile non-stop bike race called the RAAM, or Race Across America.

He has vision. A seasoned leadership expert who has personally coached and mentored more than 500 high-powered executives over the last 20 years, he has helped leaders from virtually every industry identify goals for themselves and their organizations and achieve them.

As for his communication skills, well, just wait until you hear him speak. He will inspire you.

Urs Koenig has achieved all of this while living and working on three continents, working in academia, and being a highly involved dad with his two sons.

Today he’ll make the case that extreme ultra competition and highly volatile peacekeeping operations have something to teach us about winning in our turbulent and uber-competitive world of business.

So, if you’d like a better answer to the question, What should I do differently on Monday morning, ladies and gentleman, I give you Urs Koenig…”

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