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“Leadership is maximizing your team to produce new and better products and services – together. What will you do to "up" your leadership game?”

Urs Koenig

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Shirtless, Shoeless, and Kneeling in Mud: Unique Leadership Lessons

We live in a time where competition and change are increasing to unprecedented levels. Our organizations are facing mind-boggling challenges, from game-shifting technologies to supply chain disruption to global terrorism. 

How do we best lead in this complex, messy, ever-changing environment that is our new world?

Drawing on his own experience as a leader in military Peacekeeping operations and participating in ultra-endurance sporting events, Urs has learned that the true key to leadership success may just be the last trait you’d expect. 


Peppered with fascinating personal accounts of leading a team of NATO Peacekeepers in Kosovo (and kneeling shirtless in the mud), or nearly dying on a bike race across the US, Urs’ speeches mix compelling storytelling with a deep understanding of the principles of leadership needed to win in a complex world — all tailored to suit your organization’s needs, goals, and vision.


Being a great leader — it may not look like you think it looks.

We’re all accustomed to seeing leaders as the Ultimate Authority, the ones who know it all and are best equipped to make every decision in their organization. Unchallengeable, unquestionable, infallible.

Except they’re not.

Drawing on his own experience leading a military Peacekeeping operation and winning ultra-endurance sporting events, Urs has learned that the true key to leadership success may just be the last trait you’d expect.


Our world is so much more complex now; it’s messy and it changes fast, and no single person, no matter how impressive, is equipped to do it all. The best leader knows to hire, engage, and empower their team to do their best work.

Participants will learn:

  • How (and why) to break down silos, encourage people to work across functions, and master the flexibility vital to true teamwork,
  • Why empowered execution at the front lines is critical, and how to achieve it, and
  • Why confidence and strong ambition are pre-requisites of leading with humility – not contradictions to it.

Audience members will leave inspired and with actionable takeaways, helping them to answer this crucial question: What will I do differently on Monday morning?

Format: 45-60 minute keynote or 120-180 minute breakout session.


Leaders today are facing disruptions their predecessors couldn’t have imagined: a video from an iPhone can bring down a CEO. An ill-conceived tweet from a junior staff member can cost companies millions in revenue and much more in reputation. Innovations in technology can change the face of an industry overnight.

How can leaders continue to be strong, infallible, and completely on top of it all?

They can’t. And, Urs would argue, trying to is a huge mistake.

Leading a successful team in this high-pressure, ever-changing landscape requires a different set of skills, including (and this is a tough one) knowing your weaknesses.

In his inspiring and practical “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” keynote, Urs will challenge your audience, demonstrating that the leadership behaviors that were successful in the past may not yield the same results in the present and future.

To help his audience understand what it takes to get “there,” Urs takes your attendees on an insightful and humorous journey of “taking it personally” introspection: Your audience will re-frame their own and their team’s weaknesses, and they will challenge their own beliefs about what makes them successful, leaving them with plenty of learnings and good laughs.

Along the way, Urs demonstrates:

  • The value of failure. Urs shares what he learned about failing successfully from his near-death experience during an ultra-endurance race – and why you also need to master the art of failing in order to truly succeed (near-death experience not required),
  • The art of saying “no”: Why we need to ruthlessly eliminate non-essential activities and projects out of our lives in order to focus on what truly matters, and
  • The necessity of life-long learning. Leaders who want to thrive in today’s complex world, Urs says, never stop learning about themselves.

Best of all, Urs will show participants how to get where they truly want to go. Starting Monday morning.

Format: 45-60 minute keynote or 120-180 minute breakout session.