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“Clients always say it best!”

Urs Koenig

Client Results, Testimonials and Reviews

Representative Speaking Clients

Speaking Testimonials

“Urs challenged participants to stretch themselves. The group left the meeting energized, full of enthusiasm and with a clear path on how to take the company to the next level. Thanks to Urs, the event exceeded my expectations!”

Priscilla Armstrong, Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Silverbay Seafoods

“Urs' style is authentic, engaging, and energizing, and the tools he provided in a short time were useful and meaningful. I highly recommend Urs if you are looking for someone who is fresh in his approach. He was the highest rated presenter we had all year!”

Shannon Bruce, Group Chair Excell Puget Sound

“Urs made it personal for those attending and kept the energy high. He is a delight to work with.”

Karen Thornton, Board Member U.S Society for Talent Development

“Urs is a very engaging and inspiring public speaker.”

Earl Bell, Keynote Speaker, past president of NW chapter of National Speakers Association (NSA)

“On a scale of 1-5 (5 being outstanding), Urs garnered nothing but 4's and 5's. Our members commended me for a great useful program (which of course means Urs did a great job) and would like us to have Urs present on another topic.”

David Shapiro, Owner Excell Puget Sound

“Urs’ sports analogies are extremely helpful in 'connecting' with the audience. His audience ratings are among the very highest of any of our speakers. Urs is unquestionably one of the best!”

Jerry Zyskowski, Small Business Association, Seattle Chapter

“Urs is a great example of someone who walks the talk, his enthusiasm is contagious.”

Julie Harrington, Director Client Services, Business Resource Services, Seattle

“Urs is not only a master-class leadership consultant, passionate about helping leaders achieve breakthrough personal insights, but he also "walks his talk" and leads by example (…). Humble, wise, and highly effective at what he does, I highly recommend Urs!”

Matt Youngquist, Career Coach, Corporate Outplacement Consultant

“I have engaged Urs to present a couple of keynote messages to a group of my clients. His message was on target and very well received by the audience. I would recommend Urs as a speaker to any group of business owners who would benefit from hearing best practices in the management of their businesses.”

Bill LeTendre, Vice President Compounding Centers of America

“Urs is an engaging facilitator who helped us accomplish our goals and become a stronger leadership team. He created an environment in which all participants were fully engaged and focused. Our executive team unanimously agrees that it was our most productive retreat, thanks to Urs!”

Theresa Signorini Treat, Vice President, Human Resources, Ben Bridge

“Masterful job last night. Your speech was great and hit the exact high-energy note I was hoping for to kick off the year! And among the very many things you said last night that I agreed with, and have been preaching to my own clients, the idea that “humility” and “confidence” aren’t mutually exclusive is a big one. Many thanks and keep up the great work”

Matt Youngquist , Career Coach, Corporate Outplacement Consultant

“Thank you so much for the productive and inspiring session yesterday. We already used much of what was gained during our time with you during the following session. The progress was significant!”

Janelle Delfino, Tiller

“Urs led an amazing discussion about what makes great leaders. The audience really connected with Urs as he related the subtle nuances of humility and confidence. Urs also gave great insights about how to fail successfully. Thank you Urs for inspiring the future leaders of our industry!”

Bryan Prescott, Pharm D. MBA, Director of Business Coaching Services – PCCA

Audience reactions after Keynote at the client meeting of PCCA (Oct 2019):

Inspirational” “Great info – thanks for challenging me” “I am inspired to make myself a better leader with this information – well done!” “AWESOME!!! Love the book references” “Love listening to Urs” “Urs is awesome and inspiring” “Thought provoking”

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Representative Executive Coaching Clients

Executive Coaching Testimonial

“Urs is an excellent coach. His approach is relevant and effective. Collecting honest feedback from several critical stakeholders, requiring actionable behavior changes and frequent check-ins kept the process on track and moving forward. His coaching methodology was both challenging and rewarding.”

Priscilla Armstrong, VP of Logistics & Growth, Recology/CleanScapes

“Urs’ executive coaching approach is straight forward, well-structured and efficient. He kept me accountable and supported me in all steps of my decision finding process. I can assure you that working with Urs will produce positive results.”

Diane Haensel, former CEO Front Panel Express

“Urs is a coach who cares and still achieves the desired tangible results. I learned a great deal from the experience.”

Brian Eppler, Director of Strategic Development, University Mechanical Contractor

“Urs’ results-based, stakeholder-involved process allows his client to have buy-in, feedback and support from those who can influence the successful behavior change for the individual receiving coaching. It works!”

Lindsay Geyer, VP of HR, The Port Blakely Company

“Urs is a no-nonsense coach who gets results.”

Duane Evans, VP Forestry Services, Port Blakely Tree Farms

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Representative Facilitation Clients

Facilitation Testimonials

“The goal setting workshop inspired me to start setting goals, both personally and professionally. I love his holistic approach! Urs is a great example of someone who walks the talk, his enthusiasm is contagious! As a facilitator, Urs has great balance; both the technical skills and the people skills to manage a widely diverse group. As a facilitator I've seen Urs in some "touchy" situations, and he handled those moments with great finesse.”

Julie Harrington, Director Client Services, Business Resource Services, Seattle

“Urs does a fantastic job at facilitating our group. He makes sure every group member is involved yet he does a great job at keeping the group on track.”

JFS, Member CEO-Performance Group

“Urs is a gifted facilitator and coach. He recently led a full day retreat for our team that was the best investment we've made into our team all year. Many of my colleagues, who have been to many facilitations, said it was the most valuable they've ever experienced. If you're serious about building a highly productive workplace, Urs is a terrific investment you can make.”

Peter Polson, Founder/CEO, Tiller

Ultra Endurance Testimonials

“Urs is the master of Strength to Weight ratio. He excels at building strength through a deep understanding of the mission, reducing weight by the elimination of inessential complexities, combined with an incredible drive to keep putting one foot in front of the other.”

Ken Barnes, Long Time Crew Chief on Urs’ Ultra Races

“Urs has the capacity to bring a sense of joyful purpose to the most difficult situations, a necessary component to keeping his team pulling as strongly as he and in the same direction.”

Ken Barnes, Long Time Crew Chief on Urs’ Ultra Races

“Urs is smart enough to know what’s possible and tough enough to get it done”

Chris Ragsdale, Fellow Competitor and Ultra Sport Legend

“When things get tough, Urs gets better”

Chris Ragsdale, Fellow Competitor and Ultra Sport Legend

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Military Peacekeeping Testimonials

“Capt Koenig was a highly valued commander in a tense environment who impressed with his ability to lead. He served his country with pride and the highest standards.”

Major Alex Zermatten, Chief Analysis Cell JRDS, KFOR

“Capt Koenig particularly excelled at motivating his team to achieve excellent performance. He assessed events quickly and accurately and was always very decisive.”

Colonel GS Franz Gander, National Contingent Commanding Officer, KFOR SWISSCOY 36

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