Why Urs?

“As a leader, you are always on stage. Your people observe your every move and the show never stops. Only a truly authentic leader can bring his people along and succeed!”

Urs Koenig

Why Urs

Urs is an inspirational speaker who touches the hearts, heads, and souls of your team. His speeches make a lasting impact on your organization by maximizing the leadership effectiveness of each and every member of your audience. Urs’ programs provide no-nonsense leadership takeaways that will empower your team to win and help them answer the question: “What should I do differently on Monday?”

What Makes Urs Different?

A service mindset: Urs understands that a successful speech is all about serving the needs of the audience. He will go out of his way to understand your audience and deliver a motivational presentation catered to their needs while meeting your goals.

Authenticity: Urs’ speeches are deeply personal. His personal stories of struggle and triumph from healing war zones to hard-fought finish lines make his leadership principles and take-aways credible and alive.

Connection: Urs genuinely cares about the members of your audience – and they feel it! He will make a meaningful connection with your audience before, during, and after his speech.

Insights: Every speech Urs delivers leaves the audience with numerous ‘aha-moments’ and new and different ways of looking at their leadership challenges and improve their leadership skills. Your audience leaves with new and valuable content, action steps to implement, and enthusiasm to get going!

Action: Every speech offers tangible leadership takeaways for audience members, helping them to answer the question: What should I do differently on Monday morning?

Energy: Urs is a passionate, enthusiastic and energetic speaker who engages your audience and inspires them to take action, transforming how they lead in business and in life.

Still ‘out there,’ delivering: Speaking at this level requires endurance and flexibility, so Urs keeps ‘training.’ He continues building on his own leadership philosophy by serving in military peacekeeping missions and competing in ultra-endurance events. He continually incorporates his new experiences and learnings into his speeches to keep things fresh and exciting.

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Client List

Some of Urs’ clients include: